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Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Take note of the highway, the road that you take. Jer. 31:21


Why would the Lord tell Jeremiah to put up road signs, guideposts and to take note of the highway?  Is this a message that should be of importance to us today?

Two weeks ago we made a trip into Burkina Faso, we had never been to Ouagadougou, the capital city, so we sought the advice of others for the best way to go, we made sure we had a map and we even took Pastor Yassia who has been to Ouagadougou on several occasions.  We made note of the road and its condition as we traveled to help with on our return trip.  As it turned out, the trip was not difficult as the road is well marked with signs and guideposts, so it was easy to follow and to return back the next day.  The signs and guideposts that were obviously put up by those who went before us and knew the way to go made the trip much easier and more enjoyable. 

God frequently sets up signs and guideposts for us along life’s way to make the trip easier and more enjoyable, and to help us get to the final destination.  He uses others many times to help us take note of the highway and watch the road that we take.  We are thankful for so many who have provided guideposts for us along life’s way.  We think of older missionaries who were instrumental early in our missionary career to set up some well-placed guideposts for us to help us stay on the right road.  We would have had a much bumpier trip had it not been for their forethought and willingness to share from their experience.

Now that we have been traveling down the road for several years, we would like to share some of the guideposts and reflections that we have had, even as we continue to benefit and learn from those set up before us.  For this reason, we are starting our first attempt at keeping a blog – to put up some signs and guideposts for other fellow travelers on the road.  This blog will seek to inform you of what God is doing in us and in West Africa through us and through others as well.  And perhaps we can offer a few insights on the trip and the sights we see as we bump down the highway. 

We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful as you make your way down the road as well.  We hope to include photos from time to time of the scenes we may see along the way.  Unless otherwise stated, all photos are our original work.  Our prayer is that this blog may make your trip a bit smoother and more enjoyable as you head on down your highway. 

Bon Voyage,

Larry and LeAnn


Pastor Mike 2/16/2011 12:23 PM
Thank you for your ongoing work in West Africa. I believe the blog will be great benefit to keeping up on what is happening there. You are in our thoughts and prayer!

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